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Hail Damage?

shutterstock_114922222How do you identify hail damage? Hail damage isn’t always easy to spot. It’s shape and size will vary due to hail size, wind speed, and wind direction. You can’t always identify hail damage from the ground, but the following steps will be a good indication if you have hail damage on your roof.

  1. Check around the down spouts. Hail damage is when hail strikes the shingles of a roof with such impact that it degrades the shingle. In most cases, this damage cannot be seen by the untrained eye. If you have standard asphalt shingles on your house, you’ll want to check around the downspouts for excessive tile granuals. If evident, there is strong evidence of roof damage due to the hail storm. However, this may simply be due to the age of the roofing material.
  2. Gutter DingCheck the gutters and downspouts. Inspect all your downspouts and gutters for dings. Some of the newer gutters are thin enough that hail the size of a marble will easily dent the metal. Once again, if damage is evident, then the possibility of roof damage exists.
  3. Inspect for leaks. Hail damage is not always apparent from the ground or to an untrained professional. All too often, hail damage is not discovered until after leaking or other serious damage occurs. Roof damage does not always cause immediate leaks. As damaged shingles degrade, your roof may begin to leak. Inspect your interior ceiling after heavy rains for any apparent water damage.
  4. Inspect the roof. Please only this do this if you have easy access to your roof and the slopes are not that excessive. Being on a roof is dangerous, and Triumph will inspect it for free. If your roof is accessible and walkable, look at the vents, the drip edge, the fascia, and your gutters for signs of damage. Look at the roof shingles for circular dimple or areas where the shingle mineral is missing. Hail might produce a “dent” or a damage point in an asphalt shingle roof surface, resulting in granule loss and reduced remaining roof life. If you have 10 hits in a 10 ft square, your roof needs replacing.
  5. Take action. If any of the above steps result in positive indications, call Triumph. We will come out immediately to inspect your roof for free. If you have sufficient damage to warrant a new roof, we will guide you through the entire process to make it as easy as possible.

Claims Assistance

shutterstock_58736224The following steps will help assist you through your claims process:

  1. First, our company will walk you through the process at no additional cost. It is our privilege to help you and guide you through the process.
  2. Call your insurance company and file a claim. To do this, you can call your agent and they can direct you to the proper claims department.
  3. After filing a claim, an insurance adjuster will be assigned to your claim. Typically this occurs within 5-7 days from your initial call. After the adjuster is assigned to you, he will make contact with you, the homeowner, and make an appointment to inspect your property.
  4. Notify Triumph when you have an appointment set, so that we may meet your adjuster at your property. Triumph employees are insurance specialists and specialize to make sure your adjuster quantifies your damage fully.
  5. Once an agreement has been decided between Triumph and your adjuster, the adjuster will submit the paperwork to your insurance company. The insurance company will review the paperwork and send you an adjustment summary of your claim in approximately 7-10 business days. Once you get your summary, call Triumph to set an appointment so that we make sure everything was adjusted properly. Once you receive your paperwork, you should receive your first check which will include the Actual Cash Value of the claim. The Actual Cash Value is the total job amount less your deductible and depreciation. Depreciation is recoverable once the job is completed.
  6. Once the paperwork has been finalized, Triumph will schedule a time for your work to be completed. Work is typically scheduled within 7-10 days. Materials will drop on site and the work will begin. Congratulations on your new roof!