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5 Early Signs of Water Damage in Roofing Systems

October 17, 2022

Most homeowners believe that their roof is in a good shape until it starts leaking or showing explicit signs of water damage. There are a number of warning signs, such as missing shingles and water stains on the ceiling, which indicate that the roof has suffered water damage and needs repair. Homeowners need to pay attention to these warning signs and get the necessary repairs done to ensure the problem doesn’t aggravate. To help, in this blog post, we discuss some telltale signs of a roof damage.

1. Water Spots on the Ceiling

Water spots on the roof ceiling indicate leakage; however, it may be hard to pinpoint the origin of the leak. A slow leak is usually harder to find than a big leak. The reason is, a slow leak often migrates from the original opening, making it difficult to find the source of the leak. If you spot a leak, it is advisable to get in touch with a professional residential roof repair company for inspection. The professional will conduct a thorough inspection to find the source of the leak and provide a solution to reverse the damage.

2. Granule Filled Gutters

Shingle granules may come off the roof surface due to aging, rain or storm. If the roof is losing a lot of shingles, it indicates that you need to replace the granules of the roofs. Shingle damage is often visible in the form of smooth or bald spots with a majority of the granules ripped off. Before you consider a shingle replacement, the first step is to check the manufacturer’s warranty followed by contacting a residential roof repair professional to gauge the extent of shingle damage and the need to repair or replace them.

3. Cracking and Blistering Shingles

As the shingles get old and lose granules, they are exposed to direct sunlight and turn brittle. UV radiation damages the shingles from the inside, leading to cracking and blistering. Apart from damaging the aesthetic appeal of the property, cracking and blistering of shingles leave the roof susceptible to water leaks that may cause an irreversible damage to the roofing system. If you notice any cracks or blisters in the shingles, get in touch with a roofing professional to avoid further damage and costly repairs.

4. Soft or Spongy Wood Decking

Soft and spongy wood decking is an indication of a longstanding water damage. Water damage may cause the decking to rot and leave the roof susceptible to potential leaks in the future. You should be able to notice water spots on the decking while walking on the roof. It is, however, unsafe to walk over spongy decking and the area must not be used until appropriate repair work is carried out.

5. Water Spots on the Exterior of Walls

Water spots on the exterior walls of a building indicate damage to the step flashing – the section where the roof meets the wall. The step flashing may rust or become loose with time, which causes the rainwater to leave those water spots. Though replacing the step flashing can mitigate the issue, the job is quite tricky which makes it necessary to get the help of a roofing professional. If you notice water spots on the exterior walls of your property, waste no time in contacting a roofing company.

The Bottom Line

Roofing systems deteriorate due to consistent exposure to weather and other elements. Though the damage may seem to have a little impact during early days, if ignored, it may lead to either a permanent damage to the roof or would need costly repairs. Having a preventive maintenance plan helps in detecting early signs of damage, making it easy to fix. If you think the roofing system of your property needs expert attention, look no further than Triumph Roofing and Construction. Our roofing experts possess extensive experience in handling complex roof repairs and can help you maintain a roof that continues to serve, year after year. Feel free to speak with one of our residential roof repair professionals by calling at 972-332-1766.

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