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5 Roof Insurance Claim Myths Busted

October 17, 2022

Roofing systems, whether residential or commercial, are susceptible to damages due to aging, natural calamities, or the absence of regular maintenance. Repairing roof damage can be cost intensive, which is why buying roof insurance is a must if you don’t want to end up paying through the nose for repairs. Many people, however, choose to overlook the need for roofing insurance as they assume that any damage to their roofing system is covered by home insurance, which is not true. Property owners fall victim to several other misconceptions and myths concerning roofing insurance. In this blog post, we debunk four common myths that most property owners have regarding roofing insurance claims. Read on.

Myth 1 – “Roof insurance companies pay any amount claimed.”

Most property owners believe that their roofing insurance company will settle any amount that they claim. This, however, is simply untrue. Before the insurance company gives you the go ahead to invest in roofing repair services, it designates a roof inspector (also called “adjuster”) to conduct a thorough inspection of the damage. Based on the damages reported by the adjuster, the company determines the amount to be paid. If your roofing repair budget exceeds the estimated amount, the roofing insurance company will not pay the difference. To avoid paying extra, work with a reputable roofer that provides roof insurance claim assistance and can help negotiate just compensation for the claim.

Myth 2 – “There is no deductible fee in a roof insurance claim.”

At the time of buying roof insurance, some scrupulous insurance agents may tell you that you won’t have to pay anything when you file a roofing insurance claim. This, however, is again far from the reality. The truth is, you need to pay the applicable deductible. Once you pay the deductible fee, then the insurance company pays its part to the roofing contractor.

Myth 3 – “Insurance companies approve the amount after restoration.”

Another common myth regarding roof insurance claims is that property owners find out the amount of claim only after the completion of the restoration project The fact is, you don’t have to be in the dark as far as the amount a roofing insurance claim is concerned. Your roofing company help you in this regard and streamline proceedings with your insurance adjuster to determine the coverage amount.

Myth 4 – “A roofing insurance claim means a new roof.”

The liability of your roofing insurance company is ensuring your roof is in the same condition as it was at the you bought the policy. If it’s possible to get the roof repaired without having to replace it, the insurance company will pay only for the repairs. The company will pay for roof replacement only in cases in where roof replacement is a must.

Myth 5 – “Roof insurance is not required if a roof is under warranty.”

This notion is simply untrue. Though having a comprehensive warranty is essential when installing a new roof, it may not cover the damage caused by natural calamities. Therefore, if your property is in a storm prone area, buying a comprehensive insurance policy covering storm damage repair becomes indispensable.

Wrapping Up

Filing a roof insurance claim involves various complexities, and therefore, it’s always advisable to leave the job to an expert. Hiring a reputable roofing company not only ensures that the work is completed in the minimum possible time, but is also essential to save yourself from the hassles involved in filing a roof insurance claim. If you are looking for roof insurance claim assistance, let the team at Triumph Roofing and Construction guide the way. To get help with filing a roof insurance claim or any other roofing related questions, feel free to speak with one of our experts at 972-332-1766. Alternatively, fill out our contact form and we’ll take it from there.

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