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5 Signs that Show Your Roof is About to Collapse

October 17, 2022

It is imperative to inspect your roof deck regularly and respond accordingly to any structural damage that might cause roof failure. Extreme weather conditions are the most common cause of roof collapses. It is, therefore, very crucial for homeowners to identify and act on signs that a roof is in danger of collapse. It is better to hire a home remodeling contractor to work on your roof property so that you get value for your investment. Below are points you need to be careful of when it comes to proper roof management.

1.Sprinkler Heads Pushing Downward

Another sign of impending roof collapse is when the building sprinkler heads begin to push down and out of their housings. Such a development indicates the presence of tremendous pressure from the roof above and risk of the deck’s collapse. If the roof is fixed before collapsing, the sprinkler heads may need attention as well. The reason for that is the pressure and the warping often block sprinklers from deploying and functioning properly in the event of a fire.

2.Roof Leaks

A roof leak is a clear indication that water is flowing into your roof deck, and leaks are never to be taken lightly. Whenever you identify a leak, your job is a lot bigger than just cleaning up the mess. You, therefore, need to spot the source of the leak and figure out the best solution to any structural damage.

3.Sagging Support Structures

The support structures of a building can withstand only a certain measure of weight. If the steel or wood structures have cracks or are overloaded with weight, the supports starts to buckle. Usually, this takes place during heavy snow buildups when the roof caves in due to sustaining a heavy load. If you see building support structures sagging, or hear creaking sounds from the deck, evacuate the building. The stress on the roof needs to be reduced immediately, and the gable likely needs replacement afterwards, since they will be compromised permanently.

4.Cracks in the Ceiling or Interior Walls

This is also an indication that your roof is about to collapse. Structural problems can reveal themselves from the inside of a building, too. Cracks in the ceiling or the interior walls don’t occur without a reason. When you see these signs, your top priority should be to find out why and take immediate action. You may hire a professional roofer to avail quality roof inspection services.

5.Door Frames Warping

Door frame warping also shows a significant amount of pressure on the roof or ceiling that is imposing down onto the frames. The frames may visibly bend, or they will force the door itself to pop open. Frame warping is a clear indication that the roof deck is in danger of collapsing. Exit immediately and inform the local authorities as soon as possible or seek the services of a licensed home remodeling contractor without delay.


Negligence by homeowners is a common ingredient to factors that cause roofing collapses. In case you see any of the discussed warning signs in your building’s superstructure, call a licensed home remodeling contractor immediately. It saves you time and money, and most importantly, you get a warranty. Given proper roof management, your roof structure remains in tip-top shape for extended periods, giving you peace of mind and saving you lots of money in re-roofing. Call our roof experts today to discuss your questions or roofing needs.

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