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5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Roofing System

October 17, 2022
“A stitch in time saves nine”

You may have heard or read this cliché umpteen times and there is a reason why it never loses its relevance. It is common for people not to pay attention to things that matter, unless and until something goes completely awry, at which time remedying the situation is usually taxing in terms of effort and cost. Maintenance of a roofing system is one such issue that demands your constant attention to ensure that you preserve the value of your home, cut down on repairs and costs, and also continue to enjoy the functionality of a good roof over your head. Despite being a primary component of every house or building, roofs are often neglected. This is the reason why people end up spending thousands of dollars on repairs, something that could have been avoided through regular inspection and maintenance. Here are a few tips that you must follow to make sure that your roof stays in tiptop shape.

1. Keep the Gutters Clean

Clogged gutters mostly occur in late fall when the trees shed their leaves. It may cause issues such as ruined paint on the sides and a wet basement. At times, leaves that pile too deep inside the gutters may even wick water into roof sheathing and cause it to rot. If you are comfortable climbing a ladder then you can avoid the problem by keeping your gutters clean, thereby avoiding the chances of facing thousands of dollars in bills.

2. Check for animal damage

If given a chance, birds and animals such as chipmunks, squirrels, raccoons, and a lot others, love to make a home for themselves on or under your roof. But no matter how much we love them, we can’t allow them to damage our homes. They tear down shingles, peel back sidings, tear open soffits, and cause many other such issues. It is, therefore, necessary to keep revisiting your roofing system to check for any damages that they might have caused.

3. Check the flashing

Flashing is a material, aluminum or galvanized steel, used over joints in wall construction and roofing to prevent water from seeping in and causing damage. To avoid flashing problems, keep checking the flashing around chimneys, vents and exhaust pipes on a regular basis. Ensure that the flashing is not bent or punctured. Check the sealant also and get it fixed if it’s dried out or loose.

4. Periodically Inspect the attic

An average homeowner seldom visits the attic to check its condition, as it is one of the most neglected places in most homes. You must, however, keep inspecting the attic from time to time, as this is a place where you are most likely to spot leaks. Also look for signs of streaks or straining in any unfinished areas or your attic. If you notice a lot of icicles hanging from the edge of your roof, it is probably Attic condensation, a major cause for concern that can not only decrease the effectiveness of insulation but also cause significant damage to the structural elements in your attic.

5. Get Rid of the Moss

It is common to see roofs covered in black algae. Though algae are not that harmful to your roof and can be left unattended, moss is a different ball game. Reason being, it traps water and this can cause some serious damage to your roof. Moss grows well in the shade in cool and moist areas. To kill Moss, you must take away the shade it grows in, as well as the water and moisture it needs. Turning its environment into a base environment (above 7pH level) is also one way you can get rid of Moss as it can’t survive acidic environments.


Roofs are exposed to rain, hail, sunlight, snow, wind and temperature changes that gradually break down the roofing materials, eventually raising the need for roof replacement. Regular maintenance not only saves you some extra dollars by extending the lifespan of your roof but also helps you avoid the potential risk of unexpected roofing system failure that may cause damage to the building structure, interior finishes, and pose a real danger to life.

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