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5 Warranty Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Roofing System

October 17, 2022

Roof warranties help property owners save money on roof repairs and also reduce the number of roofing insurance claims. Roof warranties, however, have several finer lines. That is the reason why when investing in a new roofing system, it is important to hire a reliable roofing contractor in Dallas, TX to guide the way. However, you too must have a basic understanding of the key aspects in roofing warranties. To help, this blog discusses some such key aspects to help you choose the right roofing system. Take a look.

1. Inclusion Items

Defects in roofing materials may not be the only reason your new roofing might need repairs. Defective workmanship is another common reason you may need to invest in premature repairs. It is, therefore, important to ensure that your roof warranty not only covers the defects in the roofing materials, but also extends to the repairs necessitated by poor workmanship.

2. Claim Limit

Some warranties limit the amount that can be spent on roof repairs to the original cost of the roof or the cost of repair depending on the area requiring repairs. The cost is calculated on the basis of the amount required for repairs per square foot of the roof. There are also warranties such as NDL (No Dollar Limit) that do not cap the cost of repairs. It is advisable to go for NDL warranty as you are covered even if the price of materials and labor costs rise due to inflation.

3. Applicability

Check with your roofing contractor or roof manufacturer if the right to determine whether a roof needs repair lies with them or you. If the manufacturer reserves the right, they may deny cover even for issues that are otherwise covered under the warranty.

4. Exclusions

Before going for a particular warranty, make sure that you are aware of all its exclusions. Warranties are usually divided into two categories – legal and technical. Legal exclusions prevent customers from claiming a warranty under grounds such as breach of implied warranties and breach of contract, among others, whereas, technical exclusions apply in cases such as lack of maintenance, natural disasters, and abuse, among others.

5. Voidance Terms

While exclusions limit customers from claiming a particular provision in the warranty, nullifications completely void all the provisions in the warranty. Events that may render a warranty null and void include.

  • Carrying out repairs and alterations to the roof without intimating the manufacturer.
  • Ponding excess water on the roof
  • Failure to pay manufacturer’s warranty fee
  • Change in occupancy or use of building
  • Not experiencing the roof damages within the designated time limit

Whether you are investing in a roofing system for a residential or commercial property, it is important to hire an experienced residential and commercial roofing contractor with proven expertise to help you choose the right option. If you are looking to install a new roof or need help with repairs or maintenance of an existing roofing system, look no further than Triumph Roofing. To discuss your requirements, call us at 972-332-1766 or fill out our contact form for a no-obligation free estimate.

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