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7 Steps to Choosing a Commercial Roofing Contractor

October 17, 2022

Choosing a roofing contractor is a vital decision that has to be made based on adequate information, gathered after a thorough research. The criticality necessitates property owners to take the time to learn how to evaluate contractors. Owners need to ensure that the roofing contractor they hire can not only help them decide the most cost-effective solution for their needs, but also hold the expertise and experience to deliver on their prerequisites. In this post, we cover seven fundamental steps to help property owners make the right pick.

1. Ask for Proof of Insurance

If your contractor does not have an insurance cover, you will be held liable for the damage caused by any mishap that occurs on your property during the project. Ask your contractor to share copies of their general liability coverage, workers’ compensation certificates, and vehicle insurance policy. You can also seek advice from a state law consultant to determine the status of workers’ compensation insurance in your region.

2. Check Licensing and Financial Stability

Make sure the roofing contractor you has a valid operating license. Some states have specific licensing requirements, while others don’t, so make sure you know the requirements in your state, if any. As far as financial stability is concerned, checking that is advisable to decide whether they have the capability and resources to deliver on your expectation. In addition, you may also request their financial information for the current year.

3. Check Client Reviews

Many contractors have a long trail of unfinished or late projects, besides accusations of overcharges, recklessness, and other malpractices, by their previous clients. Look for a company with a proven track record that offers traceable client references and a list of completed projects. You may also contact some of the reviewers to find out more about their experience with the contractor.

4. Check the Contractor’s Network

The old adage, “Birds of same feathers, flock together,” rings true when it comes to professional associations. Request the contractor to share a list of the roofing manufacturers for which they are a licensed or approved applicator. In addition, check if the contractor is a member of any regional or national industry associations. Being a member of an industry association demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and awareness about the latest best practices.

5. Meet a Project Supervisor

By speaking with a project supervisor at a project site, you will be able to assess the level of professionalism and expertise you can expect from the contracting company, if hired. Request the person to explain their work protocols, quality assurance and safety measures, and other finer aspects of the project such as development tracking, environmental safety measures, and stock and vendor management.

6. Request a Detailed Written Proposal

Requesting a written proposal will not only help you to get a clear path for the project, but it will also leverage your position to be able to call the contractor to account, in case things do not go as per the plan. Therefore, always insist on a detailed, written proposal, and examine it for complete descriptions of the work and specifications, including approximate starting and completion dates, safety measures, payment terms, and other key factors.

7. Look Beyond the Cost

When it comes to selecting a quote, keep a healthy skepticism about the lowest bid. It should not sound too good to be true. There are many fly-by-night contractors that provide below-cost quotes that always seem attractive, but the compromises made are better left unsaid. Cost, therefore, should not be the only criterion for selecting a roofing contractor, and professionalism, experience, and quality of work also hold similar weightage.

Last Few Words

Property renovations bring with them a number of responsibilities for property owners, more so if we talk about commercial facilities. Right from deciding the overall budget, finalizing the upgrades, to ensuring compliance with local construction laws – there are enough hurdles to make even most resolute souls feel overwhelmed. In such a scenario, having a reliable contractor with an in-depth understanding of all the finer lines of commercial renovations is simply one less thing to worry about.

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