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Thinking about Investing in a Roof Layover? Think Again!

October 17, 2022

Property owners – no matter how much they invest in building their asset – always come at a crossroad when they have to choose between roof repair and new roof construction, and the time may come sooner than you think if you live in a place with a dynamic climate, such as Texas. If you too are troubled by a roofing issue, it is natural to have certain questions and concerns regarding the options at hand. Although going for a roof layover is always a more affordable option compared to new roof construction, it doesn’t necessarily imply that it is also the better. To clear the smokescreen, this blog post discusses the finer lines of the proposition.

What to Expect?

Although roof layover is a more economical solution to restore a damaged roof, there are certain facts you need to know, before you go ahead and sing on the dotted line. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:

Roof Leaks

Many homeowners believe that adding an extra or multiple layers of shingles makes a roof waterproof, which is far from the truth. If the roof has water seepage or leakage issues, roof layering isn’t a good idea. If a roofing system has any leakage, it is always advisable to let an expert take the final call, as a layover never helps.

Additional Cost

Though it is less expensive and easier to add a layer of shingles to an existing roof, but the investment seldom lasts for long. Moreover, the work involves removing vents, misshaped shingles, and ridge caps, all of which add to the cost. The roofer may also add or replace new flashing, which is also a labor-intensive exercise.

Weight Issues

Asphalt shingles are heavy and every time a new is added to the roof, it increases the load on the structure. Some states allow only one layer of roofing, while others permit two or three layers. As far as structural stability is concerned, the fewer the layers the better. In all cases,  property owners need to follow the rules in their state.

Final Words

A damaged roof spells danger to the occupants of the building, and therefore, procrastination is against all sensibilities. When it comes to severely damaged roofing systems, the best solution is installing a new roof. Though the investment may be more compared to the cost of a layover, the value you will receive will be far, far greater. If the roofing system of your property has visible damages or any other issue, we are here to help. Triumph Roofing and Construction is a full service roofing company that handles everything from roof repair to new roof construction. Let us know your requirement by calling 972-332-1766 or fill out our contact form and we’ll take it from there.

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