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How to Claim a New Roof on Your Homeowner’s Insurance

October 17, 2022

A roof is the primary defense for your house against natural agents such as wind, rain, sunlight, and snow, which makes it prone to structural damage. Being a homeowner, it is essential to have roof insurance cover to minimize your losses from damaged roof. If your roof incurs severe damage, you might have to replace it completely with a new one, and your insurer should be in a position to compensate you. If, however, you fail to follow proper insurance claim filing procedures, the insurer can postpone or even reject honoring the claim. To avoid such a scenario, it is advisable to file the claim properly. This blog post discusses a few notable tips to help you claim a new roof on your homeowner’s insurance.

1. Read Policy Documents

Go through your policy papers to ensure that they cover the costs of the roof damage. Remember that many insurance companies do not provide reimbursements for roofs that were too old or already in a bad condition before the incident. This means that neglecting maintenance and/or repairs of your home may invalidate your insurance policy.

2. Collect Evidences of Damage

The before and after snapshots of the damaged roof and any other damage caused by the damaged roof can help you with your insurance claim. If the damage is due to a natural calamity such as a hail storm, note the date the calamity occurred and save the news clippings and bookmark the internal new articles related to the event.

3. Contact Your Insurance Agent

Contact your agent to find out more information on the insurance claim process as soon as you can. Arrange for an insurance adjuster to visit your property to evaluate the damage. The adjuster will most likely take pictures, however, you can still show them the pictures and evidences you collected. Before the insurer leaves, they may give you a settlement quote, otherwise, it may take a few weeks for your insurer’s quote.

4. Contact Your Roofing Contractor

If possible, have the adjuster speak to your roofing contractor. The roofing contractors will provide estimates on new roof costs in writing. If the roof damage is beyond the scope of repairs, ask your roofing contractors to mention the fact in their quote. Until the roof has been replaced, save receipts of all costs you bear due to the roof damage.

5. File your Roof Damage Insurance Claim

Stay in touch with your insurance agent as they will help you follow the instructions and procedures of filing an insurance claim mentioned in your insurance policy. Do the paperwork carefully as even a simple error can result in claim rejection. Provide evidences to make your case strong, and if there is any interior damage, then the insured must provide the evidences and receipts in support of their statements.

6. Install a New Roof

Once your roof damage insurance claim is approved, ask your roofing contractor to start Installing a new roof. If the insurer denies your claim, or you feel that their insurer’s quote is too low, follow your insurance company’s appeal procedure. You may take your insurer to court if they deny your claim on appeal. Always remember that the insurer’s quote may be less than you expected as they can account the devaluation of your roof.

Way Forward

Filing a claim against your roof insurance cover can be difficult. It involves a fair amount of complexities, which makes it advisable for homeowners to let professionals handle the task. Hiring a reliable roofing company ensures that the work is completed within set timeframes and budgets. It also saves you from troubles pertaining to filing a roof damage insurance claim. If you are seeking roof insurance claim assistance, contact our team at Triumph Roofing and Construction. We can help you with filing a roof insurance claim and answering other roofing related questions. To speak with one of our experts and learn how to getting a new roof through insurance, fill out our contact form or  call us at 972-332-1766.

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