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Eliminating 5 Misconceptions Associated with Metal Roofs

October 17, 2022

Metal roofs are a popular roofing choice in the US. They are a durable and eco-friendly alternative to any other roofing system, and help significantly lower energy bills. In fact, property owners who install ENERGY STAR certified metal roofs with pigmented coating or cooling granules, can claim a tax credit of up to 10 percent on their investment. Installing a metal roof also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property. Despite presenting countless benefits, misconceptions are still rife in the market with regards to metal roofs. Getting help from commercial construction contractors such as Triumph Roofing, ensures that you get accurate information all the time, which helps drive the best decisions on your roofing requirements. Let’s debunk a few myths associated to metal roofs in this blog post.

1. Metal Roofs Obstruct Phone Signals

If the cell phone signals in a home or building are fair to excellent, upgrading the roofing system with a metal roof won’t really make any difference. Most of us spend considerable time in establishments such as coffee shops, churches, restaurants, or banks, which often have metal roofs. If you don’t lose your cell phone signals in such places, you won’t lose them in any other property that has a metal roof.

2. Metal Roofs Attract Lightning

Risks of lightning primarily depend of two factors: probability of a strike, and its consequence. No specific facts exist on “how to reduce the probability of a strike”, and as far as consequences of a lightning strike are concerned, one fact to remember is that metal is conductive. It offers low resistance to lightning and disperses it to the ground. In addition, metal is non-combustible in nature when compared to wood and asphalt shingles, which means it won’t catch on fire when struck.

Note – The more a material is resistant to lightning, more the damage.

3. Metal Roofs Are Loud During Rain

Metal roofs are installed with thick foam inserts or solid sheathing in the underlayment. As a result, they produce less sound when compared to other roofing materials during rain and hail. It’s important to note that attic ventilation and available airspace also play a big role in sound absorption. Any roofing system with improper attic ventilation and airspace can, therefore, produce loud sounds when it rains.

4. Metal Roofs Have No-Resale Value

Metal roofs are expensive but far more durable than asphalt shingles, which is why they are a favorite for most people. According to Remodeling Magazine, homes renovated with standing-seam metal roofs offer a resale value of 1- to 6- percent more than homes renovated with asphalt shingles. Homes renovated with metal roofs help recoup almost 85.9 percent of their cost nationally, and 95.5 percent in eastern states.

5. You Cannot Install Attic Vents in Metal Roofs

You can and must install attic vents in metal roofing, or any roofing system for that matter. Attic ventilation is critical to a roofing system’s ability to reduce heat gain in summers and prevent ice dams in winters. Talk to one of our commercial construction contractors to learn if your roofing has proper attic ventilation and how it can be optimized before you upgrade the roof.


Metal roofs are durable, eco-friendly, safe, and perform equally well for commercial and residential properties. Triumph Roofing and Construction is a reputable Dallas roofing and remodeling contractor with a team of highly-trained, certified and experienced roofing experts to take care of your metal roofing inspection, installation, repair, and insurance needs. Speak to one of our commercial roofing contractors at 972-332-1766. You may also fill out our contact form for a speedy response.

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