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How to Hire the RIGHT Roofer and ensure you do not get scammed!

October 17, 2022

How to Hire the RIGHT Roofer and not get SCAMMED! As you can see in just the hours after a storm, when someone asks for a recommendation for a roofer they are flooded with hundreds of referrals. That is because there is no licensing or regulation in the state of Texas so there are literally thousands upon thousands of companies here. Even if you are referred someone, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE validate that they are reputable. Everyone has different reasons for referring a company whether that be for getting paid a referral fee, their friend or family works for one, or they simply like who they've worked with in the past. Although some of those reasons could result in a good company, those reasons alone do not validate that you are dealing with a legitimate and professional roofing company and we find too many people go with referrals and/or family and have horrid results causing even more stress and damage to their home and family. Every year we help customers who have been stolen from, neglected, and left with new leaking roofs. It here are a few tips on how to validate a reputable roofing company from a bad one:

1) BBB- check BBB time business was started and rating. Everyone starts with an A, so its important to know how long they've been in business. See the About page for business background info.

2) Certifications- Every reputable roofer is certified by the manufacturer who they install. If they are not certified, then chances are they are not a legitimate company. We are Platinum certified (the highest certification) meaning all work is backed by the shingle manufacturer.

3) Organizations- Check for memberships with the local roofing organizations. NTRCA. This is as close as it comes to being licensed as you have to be nominated and voted into this group and complete roofing background checks.

4) Reviews- A lot of roofing companies have good reviews with one site and will use that to promote their business. Check all of them to get a complete picture: Google, Yelp, Angies List, etc.

5) References- Ask for references! Any good contractor can provide a list of references.

6) Insurance- Ask for the insurance certificate. Also call the agent to validate it is in force and actually covers them roofing your home.

Great Questions to Ask a Potential Roofer:

-Is the roofing contractor in good standing with the Better Business Bureau?

-Are they a member of a roofing association that holds its members to high standards?

-How many years of experience do they have as a roofing contractor in North Texas?

-Are they insured? Ask for a certificate of insurance.

-Where is the roofing company located?

-Are they breaking Texas law by offering a "deal' to waive or absorb your deductible?

-What is their warranty on labor? What is the manufacturer's warranty?

-Do they have credit references? Customer references?

-Which roofing manufacturers are they certified to install?

-Is the contractor going to obtain the appropriate municipal permits?

-Are they asking for money upfront? If so, is it just for materials after delivery to your

project location?

-Is the bid significantly lower than others? Why? Be careful to not pay more later by

hiring a contractor that is uninsured, performs substandard work, is potentially using

stolen materials and / or leaves North Texas shortly after the storms do.

I am the owner of Triumph Roofing. We are based out of Mckinney and Plano and a PLATINUM certified roofer with Owens Corning, representing the top .5% of all roofing contractors. In addition, we have won Best Roofer in Mckinney, Allen, Frisco, and multiple other surrounding cities.  We always offer HONEST and free inspections. You can call us at 972-332-1766. We are here to help and I mean that. Yes, I am a business and would like you to call me over anyone else as I am the best, but my first mission is to help and make sure people aren’t burned by these bad companies. Even if you go with someone else, please feel free to email or message me any questions you may have about the process or your contractor of choice. If you follow my steps above, you will be that much closer to hiring the right roofer for you!

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