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Important Procedures in Filing a Roof Insurance Claim

October 17, 2022

Filing a roof insurance claim can be a tedious task, especially if you are unaware about the finer lines of the procedure. Though all insurance companies want to service their clients’ claims diligently, on your part, it is crucial to follow proper procedures and know the right questions to ask. On that note, let’s get started with an overview of the initiation procedure, followed by all that you need to know before filing your claim application.


The claim handler, upon receiving your request, will designate a claim number and claims adjuster. Ask for the adjuster’s contact details when you speak to them for the first time, if you don’t receive the info through your insurer. Your insurance company might request that you get up to three estimates so that they get the best deal. It’s not something you should accept blindly, as there is a good chance of landing a cheap roof. Hire a roofing contractor who knows how to negotiate with the insurance carrier for a fair insurance settlement.

Damage Evaluation

Another crucial step is informing your adjuster that your roofing contractor will be present at the meeting. It’s critical that your roofing contractor should be around at the inspection meeting to serve as your advocate. In most cases, adjusters will request to know the name of the roofer whom they’ll meet, as they realize the significance of an expert’s support.


After the insurance adjuster examines damage, they produce a claim summary specifying the scope of repairs or replacement. When you receive the adjuster’s report, your contractor will compare it to their own to make sure nothing is missing from the scope of the project. If there’s a discrepancy, your contractor’s insurance liaison will settle the difference with the insurance company on your behalf. Once the negotiation process is over, the insurance company will release a supplementary check to cover the additional amount settled through negotiations with the insurance representative.

Recovering Depreciation

Your roofing contractor should provide the necessary documentation to the insurance company soon after roof installation, to notify them of the completion. The insurance company will, in most cases, call you to confirm whether the project is complete before releasing the last payment. It’s possible that if a supplement was negotiated, it may be included in the final check along with the depreciation. Contractors will then make follow up calls to confirm receipt of this documentation on your behalf to ensure timely processing.


You should receive the initial check about the same time the claim report arrives. It may include your mortgage company’s name, in which case you have to contact them to come up with a definitive procedure for getting their endorsement. The initial check may appear small in comparison to the full amount of the roof and there are two causes for this: firstly, your deductible and secondly, the depreciation. Most homeowners opt for a replacement cost coverage type of plan over an Actual Cost Value plan


A lot of insurance agents in the market lack specialized knowledge on roof insurance and navigating the claims process. By choosing a trusted roofing contractor to stand by you through it all, you ensure that the final payment is made on time and to the full extent of the loss. At, we help you get the best roof restoration and compensation from your insurer. If you want professional help with filing an insurance claim or putting together the necessary documents, trust TriumphRoofing and Construction. Feel free to connect with us for a no-obligation consultation.

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