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Reasons to Include Gutter Guards in Your Next Home Renovation

October 17, 2022

Every homeowner and even home renovation contractors would agree that an unguarded gutter system will routinely clog with dirt and debris, which, in turn, will clog the roof drains. The resultant financial damage can be substantial, unless you hire an expert home renovation contractor to install gutter guards. Here are four top reasons you need gutter guards installed, the next time you think on the lines of renovating your property. Let’s take a look.

1. Protect Against Foundation Damage

Clogged gutters cause rainwater to escape, run down the walls, and gather around the base of your property. Such a scenario encourages erosion and weakens the property’s structural strength, by slowly removing layer after layer of its foundation leading to breaks and leaks. Needless to elaborate, repairing foundation damages can cost you thousands, if not tens of thousands worth of dollars, and therefore, prevention is always preferable to cure.

2. Prevent Fascia and Soffit Damage

Fascia and Soffit are the most immediate areas in relation to gutters. When gutters become clogged, rainwater from the roof will accumulate, until eventually, it flows down the side of your fascia and soffit board. The excess of water will lead to mold and mildew damage to your home, and your fascia will be compromised. As a result, your gutters will eventually fall.

3. Prevent Flooded and Mold Infested Basements

During monsoon when water gathers floods the gutter system, you end up with water in sections of the property that must be dry all the time, such as the basement. In such a scenario, not only can your basement surge, but the spread of mold is also a critical issue as well. These dangerous micro-organisms can cause terrible damage, or evoke allergies in your family. Gutter guards, therefore, are a good choice to keep such issues at bay.

4. Heaving Driveway and Landscape Erosion

If trees are growing nearby, chances are you have complex root systems running all about your crucial investment. Roots tend to go where the water is. Therefore, if your gutters are clogged, the water gathering around your home and driveway is a magnet for complex root systems to flourish. The end result is significant damage to the foundation and driveway.


Gutter cleaning is just but a temporary solution to a serious problem. Even when you clean your gutter multiple times a year, the problem is never really eliminated. Furthermore, paying to have someone clean your gutters can add up to significant amounts of money, in the long run. That’s why you need to hire a home renovation contractor who installs gutter guards for a permanent solution. If you are looking for a home renovation contractor, contact us for a no obligation consultation or request a free estimate on your requirements.

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