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Roof Damage Assessment for Filing an Insurance Claim

October 17, 2022

Roof insurance provides you cover in the event of roof damage as a result of an insured peril. Whether due to a natural calamity or premature quality deterioration, your roof insurance coverage helps you get your roofing repaired or replaced on time without invited added expenses on your part. To get right estimates of the roof damage for the purposes of filing a roof insurance claim, it is essential to hire a reputed professional roofer. Professional help also ensures that you get just compensation. To help make the roof damage insurance claim simple, we share a little information to note when filing the roof insurance claim.

Key Inspection Areas

To get compensation from your roof insurance company, call a reputed roofing contractor to inspect your property and prepare an estimation of roof repair or replacement costs involved. If you have shingles on your roof, make sure that your roofing contractor covers all the key inspection areas such as roof cover, roof penetrations, off-ridge vents, and roof leaks.

Roof Cover

Roof cover comprises roofing materials such as shingles and asphalt. Whatever roof covering material you use, its condition is critical to good quality roof performance. If you have shingles as your roof covering, look for shingle tabs that are cracked, loose, broken, buckling, and/or blistering. If your shingle tabs have any such issues, they need replacement or repair, according to the gravity of the damage.

Roof Penetrations

Check for the roof penetration properly as water can penetrate through the open areas or crevices if the roof is not well-sealed or covered, making your roof weak.  Check for gaps or signs of missing sealant, deteriorated holes, and gaps on the roof. Also check corners, valleys, and other places, to establish if they are well sealed and tight.

Ridge and Off-Ridge Vents

In both, ridge and off-ridge vents, check whether they are loose or not. Both ridge and off-ridge vents should be properly screwed down, sealed, and tight.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can damage your roofing system and house interiors if they go unchecked. Inspect the system for leaks from, both, inside and outside the house. Signs of roof leaks that can be observed from outside the house include water leaking inside the attic;  water stains on roof decking, around the chimney, vents, pipes, and/or valleys; and discolored roofing deck, rafters, or trusses. Signs of leaks from inside the house include water stains on ceiling, cracked walls or ceiling paint, and peeling wallpaper.

Damage Assessment

When you inform your insurance company that you want to file a claim, they will send a claim adjuster to do the damage assessment of your property. Ask the roofing contractor that previously inspected your roof to be present when the claims adjuster comes for damage inspection. The roofing contractor makes sure that the claim adjuster does not miss out on any areas deserving inspection and prepares a correct estimation of the repairs and damage.

Filing a Claim

On the basis of the inspection and estimate of the roof damage, file a claim for roof insurance coverage. Filing an insurance claim can be difficult for some, as it involves various minute details that can only be understood by professionals. Reliable roofing contractors such as Triumph Roofing can assist you in filing an insurance claim, ensure that you avoid mistakes, and get the process completed within a set timeframe. If you require any help to file a roof insurance claim, fill out our contact form to discuss your case with our experts. You can also call our expert team of roofers at 972-332-1766.

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