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Filing a Roof Repair Insurance Claim in 3 Simple Steps

October 17, 2022

A properly installed and maintained roof will serve you well for many years and give you optimum value. The problem, however, arises when it suffers a severe damage, and you want to avail the benefits of your damaged roof repair cover from the insurance company. Dealing with insurance claims, speaking to adjusters, and ensuring you get full reimbursement for all covered damage can be a cumbersome process. In fact, many homeowners are unsure about how to file a claim, the problem areas, the documentation they need, and what to expect. In this post, we look at the three steps you need to follow, when it comes to filing a roof insurance claim. Let’s take a look.

1. Find Out What Your Policy Covers

Some roof insurance policies only offer roof damage cover up to the depreciated value, regardless of age. Other policies, however, will cover the total cost of fixing or replacing the damaged area at the time of filing the claim, despite the age of your roof. Your insurance company will, in most cases, send an inspector to examine and verify your roof claim. If the roof damage derives from aging, wear, and tear, or some poor state, it will typically be rendered normal maintenance, and will not come under your policy cover. You should, therefore, get an overview of what your policy covers before you can proceed with the claim.

2. Provide Documentation for Your Claim

Proper information about the condition of your roof is another crucial step to smoothen the process of filing roof insurance claim. Homeowners are obliged to take “before” photos of the roof and exterior of the property. Moreover, keep records of every repair, roof estimate, invoice, and bill you receive. Having all these documents and information assures you a smooth claim process.

3. Hire a Contractor with Proven Expertise

Choosing a licensed roofing contractor is a crucial step in the process of filing a roof claim for damaged roof repair. Look for a contractor with extensive experience in providing roof estimates for insurance claims. The contractor should also be reputable in assisting clients get good quality damaged roof repair services, as provided in their insurance policy. It is also recommended to hire a local contractor since they are always available anytime you call or need to sit and chat.

Intricacies of Filing a Claim

Insurance companies have adjusters trained to scrutinize hail damages. If, therefore, you neglect to hire an experienced roofing contractor to negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf, you will likely get a poor deal. In most cases, insurance companies will make the claim process cumbersome so that, in the end, you will get less than what your roof repairs or reroofing deserves. If you want to file a roof claim, here are some tips to get you reimbursed for all damages covered by your roof insurance.

Wrapping Up

The most critical thing to remember is, if you suspect your roof has suffered damage, make sure to take immediate action. You need to call a licensed roofing contractor to help you file a roof claim before the disaster escalates beyond your insurance cover. Should you need professional assistance in filing a roof claim, is just a phone call away. You can also fill out our contact form and get a no-obligation estimate. We help our clients on related issues across Texas, McKinney, Dallas, Plano, Allen and Frisco.

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