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Private: The Best and Worst Seasons for a New Roof Installation

October 17, 2022

In all probability, you would have already scanned numerous blogs if you are planning a new roof installation. You may have the information about how to select the right provider, the steps to follow to minimize costs, and precautions to take before, during and after the installation. In addition to all this information, however, you need to know the right time to install your roof, as well as the time of the year when you should avoid planning this exercise. Through this blog post, we provide you all the knowledge you need on the best and the worst seasons to plan a new roof installation.

The Best Seasons

Before we discuss the worst seasons to install a new roof, here are the best time of the year you can plan the exercise, and why.


Summer is the time when most families plan a vacation, and therefore, residential roof repair companies usually have enough room in their calendars. Some people procrastinate the decision to install a new roof due to national holidays such as Independence, Memorial, and Labor day, which also adds to the buffer of roofing service providers. In fact, you may also leverage the market conditions during this season to get discounts and other concessions.


If you thought winter is the worst time for a roofing projects, to some extent, you’re right. However, it can also be the best time, as most homeowners are apprehensive about planning a roofing project in winters. The onset of winter, therefore, can be a boon for you, if the local climate allows a new roof installation during the period. Kindly note that if you live in any of the northern states and have asphalt shingles, planning the activity during winters is unadvisable as the roof may develop cracks.

The Worst Seasons

The worst seasons to opt for a new roof are:


As winter approaches, it is natural for you to get concerned about your roof’s deteriorating condition. You may even consider replacing the roof before the first snow. What you’re forgetting here is that many homeowners would be thinking on similar lines, which is why fall is the busiest season for roofers. Most companies will report longest waiting times during this time of the year, and it can be difficult for you to block dates with your service provider. Material prices are also the highest during this time of the year.


You may ask; what’s wrong with installing a new roof during spring? The weather is fine, the temperature is amicable for new roof installation; so, what’s the hitch? You ask for one, we give you two reasons:

  • Many homeowners who splurge during the holidays end up with a financial crunch and therefore, do not install the roof during winters and wait till spring to plan and execute the activity. Spring, therefore, is one of the busiest roofing seasons.
  • Spring is also the time when taxpayers receive refunds and use the extra cash to plan and execute their roof installation projects which heats up the roofing services market, which reflects in project timelines.

Ensuring a Hassle-free Installation

In addition to choosing the right season, you need to hire a reputable contractor with proven expertise in installing new roofing systems. Your contractor must have an in-depth understanding of the effect of seasonal changes on roof installation projects. If you’re in Dallas, TX and need a roofing contractor, look no further than SRG Roofing. Our team of experts, with an eon of collective experience, are equipped with all that’s required to deliver on all types of roofing needs. To learn more or discuss requirements, feel free to contact us for a round of no-obligation consultation.

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